150 Jahre BASF I Show



For the occasion of BASF’s 150th anniversary, production of the mutual and final moment for the employee event.


German Design Award 2017 in the category Event

German Brand Award Nominee 2017 in the category Brand Fairs, Exhibitions & Events

Target group

All 42.000 BASF headquarter employees and all corporate companies in the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar plus accompanying person. Furthermore neighbours, friends, alumni, employee families and local public on a separate day.




On the occasion of the 150th anniversary BASF SE celebrated a stimulating and colourful festival with all employees directly at the gateways of its plant in Ludwigshafen. As the varied structured park area was reserved for the manifold and individual experience throughout day-time the final show even went beyond: the night sky became the stage.

With beginning darkness all artists of the decentralised entertainment program gathered and then, as a parade, set out towards the wide fairground. Arriving here, at the bottom of the festivity landmark, the giant wheel, some members of the artist ensemble separated and “raised up”.

Accompanied by the change of location the atmosphere changed as well. The vivid and rhythmic street party became a thrilling and breath-taking opera festival on the nightly firmament. In up to 50m heights fanciful illuminated objects met a masterfully playing mobile of poetic characters. The live enacted scenario of music, dance and theatrical dynamism joined up with 150 years of corporate history, merging with the elevated performance images to a fascinating and close moment of fellowship.
This final highlight completed each of the 7 event days. It made the sky the stage for a poetic, imaginative and unforgettable thank-you from BASF SE to its employees.