Audi R8 Launch India

Audi AG


Audi is already one of the selected premium brands in India. The launch of the R8 was to raise its status higher and, more specifically, to position Audi as an exclusive and sportive luxury brand.

Target group

200 media representatives, 500 exclusive opinion leaders and top VIPs as well as the general public were addressed in various presentations.


“Vorsprung durch Technik”: via four event modules – press presentation, convoy, VIP party and driving experience - this claim had an immediate and emotional impact. An outstanding set-up was put in place, in order to present the new R8 in different ways in and around the German Embassy in New Delhi. The press presentation was the opening of the show: a street catwalk was the setting to show the evolutionary development towards the R8, the model which combines all Audi innovations. Afterwards a convoy of eight R8s and the original R8 Le Mans racing car set off for an impressive drive through downtown New Delhi which ended in a picturesque arrival at the India Gate in the heart of the city. The evening was an exclusive summer night party: while the high-profile guests from politics, industry and society socialised in the design-oriented ambience of the embassy garden, the highlight was the dramatic revealing of the new Audi R8 as well as the impressive entertainment programme of international artists. So as to put greater emphasis on the car itself, the eight Audi R8 weremade available to a selected public (press and VIPs) for a specially set up “driving experience”.