Rolls-Royce CUBE

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars


Creation of a mobile trademark initiated by Rolls-Royce to increase brand and product awareness as well as to support its dealership with a live communication tool for the international launch of the new Wraith.

Target group

International customers of the worldwide Rolls-Royce dealer network as well as the broad public.


One brand – different places

The CUBE is an impressive and 3dimensional trademark as well as a multifunctional exhibition for the exclusive and extraordinary sites where Rolls-Royce intends to present the new product range.

The CUBE lifts electrically, its shiny, black cover opens up – scarcely audible – and reflects the lights of the surrounding and gives free sight to its avant-garde designed diamond-white nucleus.

The CUBE contains a champagne bar, a touch-configurator, a LED screen for imagemovies and a heritage gallery – all together creating an intensive brand experience.

By the CUBE Siegelwerk combines knowhow in communication and passion for product design. In Marcel Heller we found the perfect creative partner for this project.