150 years BASF



Conception, planning and implementation of the employee event in celebration of BASF’s 150th anniversary.


German Design Award 2017 in the category Event

German Brand Award Nominee 2017 in the category Brand Fairs, Exhibitions & Events

Target group

All 42.000 BASF headquarter employees and all corporate companies in the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar plus accompanying person. Furthermore neighbours, friends, alumni, employee families and local public on a separate day.




On the occasion of the 150th anniversary BASF SE celebrated a stimulating and colourful festival with all employees directly at the gateways of its plant in Ludwigshafen. Under the motto “WE CELEBRATE” the simple but ambitious idea was realised to thank each of the 80.000 invited guests (employee and accompanying person) personally for the time in the corporation and to show highest appreciation for the single employee.

The exceptional challenge with this: to change the location,
a 50.000 m2 parking lot, into a fanciful festival ground.

The centre of action was divided into 6 areas: Entrance Area, Tree Area, Barbecue Area, Picnic Area, Wine Province, Fairground. Each area with its characteristic mani-
festation, each one with different offers to sit, linger or promenade.

The whole place offered more than 40 F&B stations. Furthermore the show program surprised with 3 stages and several small enter-
tainment hotspots, used by over 60 artists, creating interactive moments or exciting encounters.

With the beginning of dawn the ground was enriched by another experiential dimension: the alleys started to glow, the significant landmark – a 33m giant wheel – was brought to life through media design. The big projection screen started with the happy faces of the day.

Finally the illumination scenario led to the highlight of the festival: the sky became the stage for a poetic and imaginative closing show.