Academy opening



Conception, organisation and implementation of the official opening event of the new FANUC academy

Target group

Day 1 & 2:

FANUC Clients and professional trade visitors of the AMB

Day 3:

250 invited VIP guests


Under the guiding idea ‘FANUC Campus Days #1-Frisch ausgepackt‘ Siegelwerk designed and realised a 3-days event for the new built FANUC academy.

The event design found metaphors for the creative spontaneity that characterises FANUC: The event architecture consists of transport boxes made out of maritime pine and wood panels served as graphic carriers. The invitations and menu cards made of wood and kraft paper had to get teared open and the FANUC robots became to protagonists.

The key features of the brand got staged in four different theme rooms.

By the contribute of the visitors a 8 meters high installation out of hundreds of origami birds got created in the room CREATION. Out of three open transport boxes the huge vivid swarm of birds arose.

In the room FANUC CAMPUS visitors could explore the entire FANUC area through an interaction of a walkable floor graphic, architecture models and a cinematic level.

The room GLOBAL NETWORK invited the guests to enjoy drinks out of all FANUC countries.

In the FUSION area the close relationship between the German branch and Japanese Headquarter got perceptible. A German and a Japanese room with large country-specific spatial graphics got connected through a continuous foodbar and virtual windows. By that the visitors could communicate from Japan to Germany interactively.

250 invited guests attended the VIP event and went through a very special evening in the academy. Besides the festively and dramaturgically loaded academy unveiling the guests dined on a long table and enjoyed the evening in a very inspiring atmosphere.