Daimler Supplier Award 2017

Daimler AG


Concept, planning and organisation of the Daimler Supplier Award 2017

Target group

600 invited supplier and partner of the Daimler AG 


Tradition does not stand in the way of contemporary solutions. This was demonstrated at the 2017 Daimler Supplier Awards where Daimler (literally) opened a new chapter to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the awards. Taking place in the iconic new premises of the Mercedes-Benz Customer Center and under the motto "Enter the next chapter", Siegelwerk and Daimler staged a dynamic evening, exploring new possibilities.


The modern event design was inspired by the Tangram. As the symbol of the awards, it stands for consistent evolution and reaches towards the future. It is open-minded yet still focused. Upon arrival, guests took a short walk through the time tunnel (a collection of highlights from the last 10 years) where they reached the auditorium and walked out onto the stage area. Here they were greeted with “Welcome on your stage” and were personally seated on the spacious grandstand. This established a feeling of appreciation and a change of mindset from the very start.


The atmosphere was urban, modern and cosmopolitan and the spirit of the setting infused the staging of the entire evening. Merging Gala with Convention, Siegelwerk created celebratory moments alternating between fresh, dynamic flashes and live performances.


The programme contained large media images, digital features, and spatial activities, yet was still intimate and evocative. Through clear messaging and open and interactive dialogue about the new ways, the achievements of the past year were personally honoured. The charming and humorous host Judith Rakers led the evening.


Openness and close collaboration were also symbolized by the new award trophy: two abstracted hands intertwined.*


At the conclusion of the awards ceremony, the guests gathered at a specially curated street food market. Here they could exchange ideas, network and celebrate their collective steps into a new chapter.


*More about the creation of the trophy can be found in the Daimler Supplier Magazine Online: http://supplier-magazine.daimler.com/die-neue-award-trophaee-hat-fluegel/