eCanter Fleet Handover Event

Daimler AG


Concept, planning and organisation of the official fleet handover to the German market leaders of logistics

Target group

300 invited journalists from specialised and local press and 100 distributors


Ready to Deliver – Better Urban Living

On December 14th, 2017 the first electric truck fleet worldwide for urban deliveries was handed over by E-FUSO to the German market leaders of logistics. The product – the eCanter – is worldwide the first electric truck that is produced in a small series and now in usage by logistic providers. The claim of the event ‘Ready to Deliver’ impresses that E-FUSO is ready to deliver a finished truck fleet as well as logistic companies are ready to deliver their goods electrically. The sub-claim ‘Better Urban Living‘ raises the meaning on a higher level. Who benefits from an electric truck fleet? Mainly people in the cities. The electric drive contributes to a better urban living by cleanliness, low noise and sustainability. The connection of both statements in the claim builds the creative and dramaturgic theme of the event.

The location STATION Berlin was the former post station in the heart of our capital city. Inside the 4.400 m² hall 3 aroused ‘Urbania‘ – a world that thematised the better living in cities and that was divided in four areas.

The area ‘Urban Market‘ - an architectural cardboard scenery – built the prologue. The visitor arrived here and was introduced to the topic ‘Better Urban Living’. Different showcases of projects in Berlin were presented at five stations. Among them a package free supermarket and an innovative cycle path project.

The main part of the event was built by the press conference in the „Product Forum“. The visitors were seated in the middle of the 14 vehicles. The closing of the press conference and the dramaturgical climax was the eCanter ballet. The trucks started to move one after another and surrounded the audience in a subtly balanced choreography accompanied by an e-violin.

The ‘Street Food’ area served delicate burgers, delicious lemonades and other delicacies after the press conference. This area was designed as an urban public space – surrounded by four food stations and a central point with a big tree and a custom-made seating island out of maritime pine.

Next to it there was the ‘Wifi Cafe‘. The guests could use this area to relax, drink coffee, sit together in groups or to work at the custom-made working stations with electrical outlets – like all the freelance creatives in cafes.

The after party of the day event took place in the Rooftop Club Weekend under the motto ‘Ready to Party’.