Rolls-Royce Art Book

Rolls-Royce Art Book


Concept, layout und realisation of the publication which documents the art commitment of Rolls-Royce in  2015 - It is developed as a series of continuous editions over the next years.

Target group

International Rolls-Royce customers, artists and art interested people in general


Themed ‘We believe in Art’ the history of Rolls-Royce was brought to mind from the historical beginning on and is a logical consequence to express this even today. This laid the foundation for the ‘Rolls-Royce Art Programme’ by a personal commitment of the brand and an inspiring dialogue between Rolls-Royce and the world of art.

Siegelwerk was assigned to participate in the development of this strategy and summarized the vision for the first time to the open public in form of a book. Six artists are highlighted with their art pieces, exhibitions, art talks and events and the entire Art Programme gets presented.

A special challenge was the desire for an eye-catching cover which represents the six artists equally. Therefore Siegelwerk developed a slipcase with six horizontal cutouts on the front. They work as a preview to present the six cover art pieces step by step. This way the viewer only sees one representing art piece of an artist at a time. By pulling the book out of the slipcase slowly the cutouts reveal a peak of five further art pieces thus every artist gets his own cover. The six subject rotations make it possible to present all artists on the cover in an equal way.

If the recipient regards the book without the slipcase the whole engagement of the art programme gets revealed in an abstract overall picture. This overall picture refers to filmstrips and emphasises the focus of the ‘Rolls-Royce Art Programme’ on light and video art. To fulfil the values of the brand, the design is carried out in a reduced and classy way. Silver embossing, a rough paper structure, highlight colour over the edges of title and spine, a gently laying down binding and special design elements result in a consistent overall picture which will be guiding future editions in the next years.