BMW Individual Cube



Design and realisation of a mobile brand experience for BMW Individual

Target group

International clients with the demand of luxury and the pursuit of individuality


BMW Individual is the most exclusive equipment of BMW which expresses the character of the car. By the flexible usage of the Cube BMW Individual locates itself easily there where the target group is – at the most exquisite places in the world.

The BMW Individual Cube becomes the place of action and unveils its extraordinary inside by moving up the wooden cover. The Cube and the brand take up the room and create a special environment for customer talks. The products of BMW Individual can be experienced interactively. The independent design, the high-quality materials and the complex production express the high quality demand of BMW Individual.

Each of the four sides has a specific BMW Individual topic assigned which gets visualized individually. As a visitor the potential customer gets guided around the Cube through the world of BMW Individual.

The BMW Individual Cube is a mobile brand-monolith with high charisma and attractiveness. The high expectation that is caused by the external image gets satisfied on the inside. The enthusiasm by the visitor gets immediately transmitted on the products and the brand.