SWMA Brand Design

Siegelwerk Manufaktur


Concept, layout and realization of the brand design for the SIEGELWERK MANUFAKTUR (short: SWMA) – our new design and production studio in Stuttgart.

Target group

Furniture and design enthusiasts


Our approach is to develop sophisticated, functional and timeless furniture.

In a time full of rush, we made 'the moment' the theme of our current collection.

Related to the title ‘Built to Inspire’ we designed a furniture line where the furniture becomes a stage. A stage which sets your individual passion in the spotlight. A stage for objects that inspire us.

The turntable for the vinyl lover, the Mac Book for the working individualist or the light object for the luminous purist. Our designs illustrate how high-quality materials and technical design objects can interact and how they complement each other creatively.

We built up the brand design sophisticated, functional and timeless: the paper shows a rough structure with highlight colour. Copper embossing refer accentually to the add ons / materials of the furniture collection and the design is puristic and straight.

The brand itself is built in frames and thereby responsive applicable: it can be written out or used as a recognisable abbreviated signet – depending on requirements.

The same concept is also carried further in the web design: A responsive design for all devices in a grid that allows a light structure of all contents.